Monday, April 15, 2013

Mix-Up: Elephants, Octopus, and Dots... Oh My!

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So its TD Fair time with lots of goodies. You will literally get lost in all the fun stores there. I of course had to hit a few of my favorite places. One is a new favorite of mine and one is a LONG time Oldie but Goodie! (And so glad she is making clothes again just FYI).

All is available at the TD Fair! Perfect place to mix and match like I LOVE to do!

Dress: bC - Gracie Dress
Shirt: bC - Gracie Play Outfit
Shorts: bC - Gracie Play Outfit
Shoes: bC - Gracie Shoes
Octopus: . Petit Poussin . Octopuss - Waves 

(Warning: The Octopus is a Gatcha full of really cute things including a Pink shark and a Pink Octopus for the Rares you potentially will spend all your money here! I know my sissy sure did!)

Sorry this is so short and quick just coming back after a little break from SL for personal reasons but wanted to make sure I got these cute things blogged! But be sure to check it out there is so many really cute things! I even found a few new stores I didn't know about before can't wait to try there clothes on and blog them also.

Edit: Almost forgot a link!
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